New changes on V.I.P. status Payments
27/03/2017 15:44 - Admin
AlbanianMidi has been online since September 2009. During this time the subscription price for V.I.P. status has been the same, not changed; 24 €uro for 6 Months and 36 €uro for 1 Year. However, every year for the past 8 years our cost of online server and maintenance have increased by approximately 5% per year. To make the site safe for the future we have to adapt and this year from May 2017 we are changing for the first time the pricing strategy. Any current statuses will not be affected until the subscription time runs out. From May 2017, any new status will use the new prices as follows...

24 €uro  / 1 Month
The minimum price to have access on the download section will be 24 €uro for 1 Month only.
36 €uro / 6 Months
For 6 Months = 36 €uro, increase of 12 €uro from the previous price (36-24=12)
54 €uro / 1 Year
For 1 Year = 54 €uro, increased of 18 €uro from the previous price (54-36=18)
72 €uro / 2 Years
For 2 Years = 72 €uro which is the same as the previous price, not changed (36+36=72)

The above prices will take effect from May 2017.  We want to be fair to every user for the New Pricing strategy which we are explain in detail here and we are trying to make the transition as smooth as possible by giving time to adapt but please note that AlbanianMidi ( is a private business website and users who don’t like the New Pricing or any other information shared on this website are free to use as their wish other websites online.
All Users and Members are required to read and accept Terms and Conditions of Use before using Please do not access website or send us a payment if you are not happy with Terms and Conditions of Use