Changes on download V.I.P. Payments
12/06/2020 05:41 - Admin has been online since September 2009. During this time, we shared materials, SETs and files uploaded to our server as per our Terms and Conditions of Use within our V.I.P members for personal use only! However recently we have seen an increase of files downloaded from and shared online on other websites and online communities. Most of the irresponsible members we have already identified and blocked for others we are taking DMCA legal actions when possible removing the file where its hosted or taking down the website that host or link to the file. Every year cost of online server and maintenance are increasing. To make safe for the future we have to adapt with changing times and maintenance prices. Taking all above in consideration from 1 July 2020 we are changing price for download V.I.P payments as follows...

36 €uro  / 1 Month
The minimum price to have access on the download section will be 36 €uro for 1 Month only.
54 €uro / 6 Months
72 €uro / 1 Year

The above prices will take effect from 1 July 2020, current V.I.P members will not be affected until their time runs out. We want to be fair to every member and we are trying to make the transition as smooth as possible by giving time to adapt but please note that is a private website.

We have very clear Terms and Conditions of Use and we don’t encourage anyone to use website, to send us any material or a file for share or to make us a payment through PayPal. Please do not access website, submit any material to website or send us a PayPal payment if you do not agree with Terms and Conditions of Use!